Friday, July 17, 2015

Good Finds by The Beautiful Little Fools

Hi Guys this is Jenni from The Beautiful Little Fools,

During the last month of the school year one of the straps on the tote I had been using broke. Like any poor college student I tied the broken strap to the bag and called it good. I knew I couldn't live without my tote. I take it everywhere and shove everything I could possibly need for a day in it. In my tote you can find my laptop, my Lilly agenda, a water bottle, phone charger, lotion, and anything else I think I might need to face that day. I also love totes over backpacks because they don't cause my dress to ride up. 

After using the dearly loved broken bag for 3 months I have decided it's finally time to find myself a new tote. I knew with spending my next semester abroad I would want a good and sturdy one, but also one that wouldn't cost me a ton of money. So I went on a hunt to find the perfect bag for under $50 and when Gabriella reached out to me to swap guest posts I knew this would be a perfect thing to share on her blog. Below are my 5 favorite totes I found while hunting and one of them is the one I actually ordered.

1. Blue and White Stripes - I love the nautical look of this one with the brown details, it would be perfect for a trip sailing around the world. I also am a huge fan of Aldo's bags and have 2 myself. They are really great quality and last forever. They also usually have really great sales pretty often so you can get their bags for a pretty good price.

2. Black - My boss at Nordstrom last summer had a tote similar to this one and when I found out she got it at H&M it took all of the self control I had to not quickly run over to H&M and get one for myself. I love the look of a classic black tote though and the best part is it will go with everything in your closet! 

3. Black and White Stripes -  I feel like one of the most classic patterns ever is black and white stripes, there is just something timeless about them. I love how this tote just has the stripes on the side instead of the entire thing being a pattern. It makes it a lot more unique and less busy of a tote. 

4. Coral - This bag and the last one were from Target and as you can tell Target is killing it in bags this season. Ever though I don't tend to wear a lot of color I knew I had to include at least one colorful one and when I saw this one I knew it would be perfect. I love when bags have laser cutting since it makes for a very simple but pretty detail. The scarf is also a very nice touch.

5. Brown/Turquoise - This is the one I decided to get. I loved how it is reversible so I could add some color to my outfit if I so choose, but I can also keep it simple with the brown. It's from Nordstrom and the reviews for it are amazing so I have decided to give it a go. This is the most expensive of the 5, but since my last bag broke I though it might be a good idea to invest in a good one. 

With love,

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  1. These tote bags are gorgeous, thanks for sharing dear!:)
    Happy sunny weekend!

  2. Great post.

    I want to share a little treasure I have found at, a fashion collection that brings the best creations for a hot summer night:

    1. Thank you for sharing I will take a look!!!!

      Ciao, Gab